Producing a Variety of Quality Printed Business Materials


Lamination is a process of surrounding a paper document in clear plastic. The process is meant to provide a durable option for the protection of paper documents. If you have never laminated a document and do not understand how it works, continue reading for further information.

Business Cards, Letterheads, and Envelopes

A small card printed with one's name, professional occupation, company position, business address, and other contact information.

Office Stationery

A stationery with the company logo.


A small book or magazine containing pictures and information about a product or service.

Large Format/Banners

Large-format printing, also called wide-format printing, refers to projects that require specialized printing equipment, which will accommodate larger printing projects, such as posters, large maps or charts, store displays, trade show wall panels, blueprints, banners, and large-scale advertisements, such as building wraps.

Presentations / Branding

Presentations are a crucial aspect of any branding project. They allow you to present your finished designs in the best light possible, looking to make the greatest impact on the client. It also helps them to understand the direction as well as envisage how it would look in production.

Photo Printing and Scanning

Photographic printing is the process of producing a final image on paper for viewing using chemically sensitized paper. The paper is exposed to a photographic negative, a positive transparency (or slide), or a digital image file projected using an enlarger or digital exposure unit, such as a LightJet printer.

Passport Photos

The Basics. Passport photos must be in color and taken with a plain white or off-white background according to the U.S. State Department. All photos have to be 2 x 2 inches (or 51 x 51 mm), and your head in the photo—from the bottom of the chin to the top of the head—must be between 1 and 1 3/8 inches (or 25 - 35 mm).


A copy of usually printed material made with a process in which an image is formed by the action of light usually on an electrically charged surface. Photocopy – verb: photocopied; photocopying; photocopies.


Large-print (also large-type or large-font) refers to the formatting of a book or other text document in which the typeface (or font), and sometimes the medium, are considerably larger than usual to accommodate people who have poor vision.